Membership, Volunteers and Co-ordinators

Membership is open to anyone, gets you a 10% discount in store and allows you to order in goods at wholesale plus ten percent. But you don’t have to be a member to come to the Co-op!! It is fun, rewarding and you get to to be part of something special .. part of the family!


“That’s right folks”

− $8 for a yearly membership
− $5 for a semester membership

Yearly membership may only be purchased at the beginning of first semester but any membership gives you:

  • A 10% discount on everything in the shop
  • The option to volunteer or co-ordinate
  • The ability to order in goods at wholesale plus 10% (ask our Stock Co-ordinator and look through the catalogues)
  • Our twice a semester update email
  • Optional participation in Co-op meetings and decision making
  • AND The chance to officially be part of something awesome – The GU Food Co-op

Volunteers can come in and help out in the shop whenever they have an hour they would like to spare. Volunteers may also be able to fill in a full co-ordinators shift if a co-ordinator cannot make it and the volunteer is available for that morning or afternoon. All someone needs to do to become a volunteer is fill in their details and available times on the “The GU Food Co-op Volunteers contact list” sheet so that we have a record of volunteers, and so that co-ordinators may contact them if need be.

Co-ordinators must complete at least one morning or afternoon shift every week that extends for the minimum period of three hours. To become a co-ordinator, a person simply provides us with their details and times they are available, and if we need someone for a morning or afternoon when they are available, we contact them and organise a time for  training before or on their first shift.

See you there! 🙂


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