History and Location


Brief history
The GU Food Co-op has been in operation since 1976. Until 1991 the Co-op had a director who was part of the GUSRC
board. In 1991 it became an affiliated body to the SRC and the Co-ops institution was written. This made the Co-op
autonomous with only the members of the Co-op being able to vote and be involved in decision making. In 2005 the
GUSRC voted that the GU Food Co-op be removed from the ‘Affiliated Body’ list. Thus the Co-op stands at the moment
alone and strong!!! With support from its many members and friends!

The GU Food Co-op is situated on Level -2 (Bottom Level) of N13 Environment 2 Building, which is accessible to vehicles
by driving to the end of East Creek Road.
Previously, it was behind the Post office and next to the GU Hair Salon in the Community Centre on Griffith University
Nathan Campus. The space is now occupied by the Chemmart Pharmacy.

Aims and Objectives of the GU Food Co-operative

  • To provide a service for all students
  • To promote, foster and support the supply of both fresh produce and bulk dried foodstuffs to the students and
  • staff of the university.
  • To contain the mark-up on saleable items at a reasonable level so as to be affordable for students
  • To provide a newsletter to keep members informed of the activities of the co-op
  • To (wherever possible) deal in goods that have been produced or obtained in a manner, which is able to be
  • sustained without damage to the natural environment, people or animals
  • To promote the awareness of and enhance personal and community health
  • To encourage the creation of goods and services within the community
  • To create a friendly, relaxed and welcoming environment for study, work, shopping and community activity
  • To address environmental concerns, including the growing provision and distribution of organic produce, the
  • practice of recycling and the reduction of consumption and waste.
  • To provide a focus for community activity
  • To foster sustainable lifestyles and enterprises
  • To provide educational resources for the community in relation to health, the environment, co-operation,
  • organic food and farming or any other of the co-ops subjects
  • To do other things to provide any community service or benefit as agreed to advance the economic, social,
  • cultural, political and environmental interests of the members of the co-op.

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