Once On A Thursday Afternoon

Once On A Thursday Afternoon

Oh, Coop of mine
Together entwined
Our friends and food
Oh, Music and Love
Together we stand
Oh Coop of mine
This afternoon we held the 2013’s first Griffith Coop Meeting with all of the coordinators.
To help us with the meeting agenda, and bring everyone together to work and collaborate through the remaining semester, we need involve our members in a little exercise.
Every coordinator has given a word that expresses how they feel in the and WE NEED YOU to write us a poem with the words the Coordinators have chosen.
Banana, Rainforrest, Potential, Cartographer, Cookie, Snooze, Floor boards, Cake, Entropy.
So come one, come all!
*Note: You can use any words like with, like, and, or, besides, or any other conjunction you see fit.
Written by Joshua G.

One response

  1. If Bananas could Snooze,
    My Cookies Potential,
    Would Cake my Cartographer,
    Rainforrests to Floor Boards…

    …oh, Entropy.

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